The 61st Grammy Awards

Last night the Staples Centre in Los Angeles hosted Music’s Biggest Night, The 61st annual Grammy Awards. The show started off with a bang as Camila Cabello opened the show with her hit song “Havana” She was then joined on stage by non other then Ricky Martin as they danced and sang together to “Pégate!” Singer-songwriter Alicia Keys hosted the 3hr event and of course dawned her signature no makeup makeup look. However when she opened the show, she was not alone. Alicia had her girl squad by her side and this included non other then Lady Gaga, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Jennifer Lopez and a very special appearance from Michelle Obama. All five women gave powerful speeches as to why women belong in music and what influences the live of women!

Later on in the show Alicia showed us just how talented of an artist she really is….as if we didn’t know already! She had the stage set as her own “Club Keys” and performed clips of songs in a jazz soulful version, but to top it off she was, playing on two pianos!!! Through out the night awards were handed out and songs were sang but it was a women dominated show by far. Album of the Year was given to Country singer Kacey Musgraves she also won 3 others, Cardi B won best rap album, Lady Gaga won 3 Grammys. I think my favourite part of the night was the Motown tribute with Jennifer Lopez, Smokey Robinson and Ne Yo. As well as the performance from Janelle Monáe, she performed her single “Make Me Feel”