Artists Within Makeup Academy is excited to offer our highly successful 'Master Makeup Program' online!

Our Master Makeup Program is based on our In-Academy Makeup Artistry Diploma Program, which is 250 hours of in class time when attending the academy. We take your career seriously, we are not like other online programs that claim you will be a professional makeup artist in a few hours or days. To perfect any skill it takes time, dedication and practice. We want you to put in the time, refine every technique we teach you, to ensure when you go out into the fashion world you will have the confidence, aptitude and creative ability to be the best you can be.

Upon completion of your training you will receive your certification and designation as a Professional Makeup Artist. You will have the competency to go into many different areas of the makeup industry including cosmetic retailing, photo shoot work, runway shows, television, commercials, music video's or creating your own freelance business, to name a few. We have thousands of graduates out there in the world proving that our system works. Take that leap today & follow your dreams!

What You Learn

Our Master Makeup course is split into four easy to follow modules. You start with Module #1 and work your way through to the end of Module #4 at your own pace as you are ready.

Module #1 The Basics: 

  • Introduction to industry

  • Your professional makeup kit

  • Hygiene

  • Brush selection and uses

  • Professionalism

  • Communication and consultation

  • Skin care

  • Product knowledge

  • Application techniques and blending

  • Brows

  • Facial structures

  • Contour and Highlighting

  • Colour theory

  • Basic eye techniques

  • Creating the perfect smokey eye

  • False lashes

  • Liner techniques

An introduction to the industry

In this section and through out the course you will learn:

  • What to expect of the industry as a makeup artist

  • What the industry expects of you

  • How to challenge your skills and ability to be the very best you can be. To push yourself past your safe place, to take your creativity and expand it, to figure out ways to inspire yourself. You as an artist will find yourself pushed to places you weren't sure possible.

  • How to be prepared, and ready for any challenge placed in your path.

Your professional makeup kit

In this section you will learn:

  • What products are necessary as a professional makeup artist

  • What your basic kit should look like

  • What additions will you need to add eventually


Proper hygiene is crucial, you will learn:

  • Sanitary protocol

  • How to sterilize products effectively and efficiently

  • Makeup kit hygiene

  • Cosmetic shelf life

Brush selection and uses

  • Learn what each brush is made of and why

  • The use for each tool

  • How to properly work with each brush to achieve the best results

  • Proper cleaning and handling of your tools

Professionalism and communication

Whether working with an art director for a shoot or for a client or retail line, there are questions and information to find out before you start. In this section we talk about the correct way to:

  • Precede with Client consultations

  • Filing in client consultation forms

  • Ask the correct questions

  • Communicate in a professional manner

  • Using the correct body language

  • Make your client comfortable

Skin care

In this section Tara demos with how to complete the cleansing pattern and the correct techniques for removal of makeup. This section also covers:

  • Recognizing various skin types

  • Preparing the skin for a makeup application

  • Different removal products and their uses

  • Foundation types vs skin types

  • Skin tone and undertones to look for when choosing the perfect foundation colour

Product knowledge

It is important to not only understanding different products but also:

  • Knowing a products properties, texture and uses

  • When working in the industry knowing what product will produce the best results

  • We take you through the basic products and what to use when creating a look whether basic or dramatic.

  • Understanding your options is key.

Basic application

  • Putting it all together

  • Tara demos how to put all we have learned so far together to create a flawless basic application that is our basis for everything going forward! She demos step by step the process from the first step of priming and foundation application to the final steps finishing off with the perfect lip liner and colour

  • You will also learn how to use your brushes correctly and which to use where

  • The video application also includes the correct handling and interaction with your model or client

  • You finish off the basic application lesson with a hands on assignment that you send in for marking showing us that you have understood and followed the techniques correctly

  • We also follow up with a check list for you to follow ensuring you follow each step to create the perfect application every time

Brow shaping

  • Understanding the importance of the brow and framing the face

  • Shaping the perfect brow and the different techniques available

  • Balancing the brow with the face shape

  • Different products to create the perfect brow

Contouring and correcting

  • Understanding the basic face shapes

  • Highlighting and contouring to create the ‘ideal’ face shape

  • Advanced highlighting and contour techniques to enhance or recede features

Colour Theory

  • Basic colour theory

  • Using colour theory to correct imperfections and flaws

  • Enhancing eye colour using correct colour theory techniques

Eye techniques including smokey eyes

  • Tara demos two amazing techniques to create the perfect smoke eye every time using two very different products

  • Tara talks about the strengths and weaknesses of using the two different products leaving you capable for working with this technique in any scenario or situation.

Day or dramatic evening looks

  • How to create a small smokey eye suitable for day or office wear is demoed and well as how to create a dramatic evening eye.

  • As with all the video demos we finish off with practice assignments that you send in to us to make sure you are perfecting the different techniques as you should. There are some fun assignments in this section that allow you to create some amazing day and evening looks with the techniques you have just learnt!

False lashes and liquid liner

  • One is just not the same without the other!

  • In this section Tara demos in the video how to measure and apply both a strip lash and single lashes to perfection.

  • Tara takes you step by step from figuring out what type of lash is best for your client or scenario Tara not only shows you how to apply each application with intricate detail but also shows how to prep the lashes prior to application

  • Finishing off the look many techniques can be used depending on the desired outcome. Tara shows you liquid liner application and how to flawlessly complete the perfect cat eye.

  • Again as with all our video demos you carry on with your assignment to perfect the technique you just watched and upload for marking.

Module #2 New techniques: 

  • Advanced eye techniques

  • Lip techniques

  • Male model makeup

  • Ethnic makeup techniques

  • Mature makeup techniques

  • Bridal makeup

  • Cosmetic retailing

  • Retail imaging

Advanced eye techniques

  • Understanding different eye shapes and spacing and how to correct them

  • Using both colour theory and contouring techniques to correct any eye shape

  • Learn to enhance and balance the eyes

  • Focus on the theory and then put you newly learned skills into action while Tara corrects and guides you

Advanced lip techniques

  • Lips and eyes follow suit, understanding different lip shapes and spacing and how to correct them

  • Using both colour theory, contouring techniques and texture to correct any lip shape

  • Learn to enhance and balance the lips to work with the facial features

  • Focus on the theory and then put you newly learned skills into action while Tara corrects and guides you

Male model makeup

  • When working on male models the average makeup should look as though it wasn't there, Tara demos exactly how to do this

  • Learn to perfect the no makeup look and the tools, products and application techniques to do this

  • Learn how to work with contour and highlight to enhance bone structure, abs or muscular structure

Different ethnicities

  • There are some beautiful skin tones in this world! Tara demos in the next two videos how different ethnicities differ in undertones and features and how to work with this to create beautiful results

  • First work with Asian skin tones and facial structure and then go on to darker skin tones as you follow along with the video techniques Tara demonstrates

  • Practice your new skills before sending in for marking and constructive criticism

  • Learn about advanced contour and colour theory techniques

  • Understanding colour changes and techniques needed for different skin tones

Mature makeup

  • Understand the ‘rules’ of mature makeup

  • The do’s and don’ts

  • Follow Tara through her video demo as she shows you how to create a beautiful flawless creation that will enhance features and bring an amazing glow to your mature client or model

  • Using your new found skills create evening looks based on the techniques you have just mastered

Bridal application

  • Start this lesson off by watching a beautiful bride unfold before your eyes as Tara demos the perfect techniques to make any bride blush!

  • Learn the do’s and don’ts

  • Touch on working with photography and what you need to think about from lighting to products

Bridal combinations

  • Learn about different bridal combinations from classic to trendy so your techniques will appeal to everyone

  • Create your own combination chart so you are never at a loss

  • Create your two favourite combinations, one classic and one trendy

Bridal service cards and promtion

  • As a makeup artist it is up to you to market yourself

  • Learn how to price your services

  • Promo cards are a key tool to have, learn how to create something that showcases you and what you do.

  • Learn about the business side of wedding makeup. It is a huge business and something that you need to capitalize on correctly to make the most of your talents. We take the fear out of the whole process and teach you step by step what and how you need to prepare for all scenarios.

Cosmetic retailing

  • Tara demos how to work with a client, how to listen to her needs, how to teach your client as you work through the application process and most importantly how to close a sale.

  • Learn how to work with key trend pieces and looks

  • Think about the needs and who your client is while working with a new look

  • Work properly with face charts

Retail imaging

  • When working in the retail industry you are selling an image and the first one you need to sell is yours! We show you how and what to think of when creating an impression

  • What do different makeup lines require of you and what should you expect...we lay the ground rules for you

  • There are standard do's and don't, don't learn from your mistakes, learn from ours!

Module #3 Fashion: 

  • Makeup for photoshoots

  • Makeup for colour photoshoots

  • Makeup for black & white photoshoots

  • Photoshoot etiquette

  • Basic lighting comprehension

  • Editorial makeup techniques

  • High fashion makeup

  • Television and high definition makeup

  • Commercial shooting

  • Makeup for video

  • Working on set

  • Runway makeup

  • Getting creative

  • Expression

Makeup for photoshoots

  • Working for a shoot vs a regular every day client is a whole different ball game! There are so many rules and techniques that come into play

  • Understand the different types of shoots & different types of lighting and how to alter your application, products and intensity depending

  • What does an art director and team expect from you

  • What should you have prepared

  • Work through the theory and then watch as Tara demos a photoshoot application as she takes you step by step through the lessons you have just learned

Makeup for colour photoshoots

  • Begin with the lessons and theory that goes along with a makeup application for a colour photoshoot

  • After watching Tara in action take the lessons learned and apply to your own image recreation dictated by Tara. Think about the rules of a shoot as you create your image

  • Working with another method create your own image chart based on the images shown to you. Create and upload this design for marking

  • Going back to the lighting theory now put it into play and create several very different images based on these rules while being given specific images and ideas to work within

Makeup for black & white photoshoots

  • Black and white changes everything, the rules are brand new

  • Learn about the key elements that are a must to think about every time

  • Learn about the do's and don't, this will make or break your makeup

  • Learn the tricks Tara has to make the process easier and foolproof

  • Test your colours using these new skill and create the perfect application of colour

  • After watching a demo by Tara take your newly learned skills and put them into practice, then see what Tara has to say!

Photoshoot etiquette

  • There is much more to working on a shoot than your amazing makeup application. Photoshoot etiquette is of the upmost importance. We take you on set of a real shoot, let you watch as our makeup artist navigates the photographer, lighting, model. This video Tara walks you though will leave things crystal clear with no mishaps on your end when you step on to your first set.

  • Reassure us and yourself that everything sunk in by completing the assignments that follow

Basic lighting comprehension

  • We are learning to become makeup artists not photographers so there are basic lighting techniques and rules we need to understand as each lighting experience affects the outcome of your application.

  • As well as understanding the lighting it is important to understand the type of lighting used for certain makeup looks and the way these can enhance your looks.

  • Work with lighting scenarios and different looks that you should know with your eyes the end of this section you will know what and how to create these.

Editorial makeup techniques

  • What is editorial vs creative? We walk you through an editorial shoot, what to expect and what is expected of you in terms of etiquette. We then take your new found skills and put them into practice.

  • You will understand exactly what is required from you on an editorial shoot, the loss, the perfection the etiquette.

High fashion makeup

  • High fashion makeup is creative yet sometimes less than you think. We take you through the different looks and techniques required to achieve those looks.

  • Work on your skill of defining a look, keeping your focus and creating beautiful flawless work everytime!

Television and high definition makeup

  • Television makeup has many rules around it. We take the old school myths out of your application and show you what should be going on now.

  • High definition is a huge thing of this era and with it come new rules. We have gone from the lighting creating pale washed faces to seeing every pour on the face! How should you counteract this, why and with what..

Commercial shooting

  • Working on commercials can be long tedious days but are so exciting!

  • What to expect when working with a director, how to prep and how to deal with your task

  • Working with talent, as a key, as an assistant, know what to expect and what is expected

  • How to read a call sheet & create a continuity sheet are important parts of working on set also

Makeup for video

  • There are some similarities to commercial shooting and others that are very different

  • How do you create your look, who's vision and how to work with a very personal talent in most cases

  • hat research should you do, why and how

Working on set

  • There are many rules around working on set, we go through them all so you are never left in the dark or unsure of anything when you get to your first set.

  • What to have prepared, what you should be thinking of other than the makeup, how to deal with certain situations

  • The ups the downs the reality!

Runway makeup

  • Runways shoots so incredibly exciting yet can be super stressful! The pace is fast, looks create and energy high. When fully prepared the adrenaline kicks in and the whole experience is so much fun.

  • We take you through the set up, what is expected of you as a makeup artist, who the rest of the team is, what you should expect. We talk about the show line up, the productions lists, from the show set up to go time.

  • A big part of working on a show as a makeup artist is your ability to think on your feet, be creative and get a feel for the designer and production team so you are on the same page. We show you how to create and work with vision boards so you are always prepared.

  • When working as a key makeup artist for a show it is your job to create the look and teach your team. We should you how to create a face chart

  • Fashion shows can be very fast paced so we show you how to work with condensed time and how to focus on the key elements, how to create time break down and how to stay focused and still produce your best work.

Getting creative

  • How do you step outside your limits and your comfort zone? Training your mind and skill level takes time and practice. We teach you how to work with inspiration ideas, story boards and face charts to push your creative limits.

  • We teach you also how to reverse that thinking and work with storyboards to showcase your expression and vision.

  • By the end of this section you will find yourself able to add a new spin to your regular go to thinking no matter what you are working on.


Module #4 Fashion and Business: 

  • Marketing

  • Planning your route

  • Business management

  • Promo material

  • Pricing

  • Booking and Quoting

  • Inspiration books

  • Face charts

  • Portfolio building

  • Business and comp cards

  • Building your website

Recreating magazine looks

  • A huge part of being a strong makeup artist is to be able to follow the vision of an art director, a client or simply learning how to expand your own horizons

  • In this section you will learn how to recreate images from a magazine or how to inspire yourself to push some of your own boundaries.

  • Learn how to create classic looks or trend items and feels

Invoicing and Quoting

  • You are your business and with it goes managing the business side or getting paid!

  • How do you quote? What should an invoice look like and include? Who do you send it to and what to charge?

  • We will cover all bases and making everything completely clear to you.

Marketing and business

  • As mentioned in the previous section, you are your business. You can be an amazing makeup artist but if people don’t know about you how are you going to make money?

  • We take all the guess work and stress out of the "business" side of things and cover all your bases.

Career options and choices

  • What exactly is available to you?

  • Where and how to look for work

Building your business

  • What do you need to have prepared when marketing and networking yourself?

  • How to network

  • Once you are established, how do you manage your business and help it to thrive and grow?

Having a plan

  • Knowing how to market yourself is no good unless you know what you want to do with your training

  • Figure out where you want to go with your career and create a plan

  • We will take you through a 5 year plan where you clearly spell out the where, how and why

At the end of module #4 you are ready for your written final exam and then your practical exams. If you achieve 75% or higher which we fully expect you to after your time with us you will receive your professional makeup artist certification which will be mailed out to you. You will also receive your 40% discount code to use on our online store when purchasing any product. 

We look forward to taking this exiting journey with you!

Get started today on your path to becoming a professional makeup artist!