Becoming a Professional Makeup Artist From Home

Step 1: Select an Online Course

  • Master Makeup

  • Makeup Artistry 101

Step 2: Purchase Your Makeup Kit

  • Starter Kit

  • Pro Makeup Kit

Step 3: Complete Your Online Course

  • Receive your Online Makeup Certification

Industry-Ready Professional Makeup Artist

  • Once you’ve completed your online course, you will gain exclusive access to our online community of Makeup Artists.

  • Share your stories and connect with other professional makeup artists from around the world.



Why Artists Within Online Makeup Academy?

The Founder, Tara Cowles

This program was developed from the ground up through Tara’s extensive international experience.

Artists Within has been an accredited in-person makeup school since 2003 and the knowledge taught in our in-person classes have been carefully redeveloped for training on the Internet.

Watch Videos Online & Upload Assignments

The videos for each module of our program have been professionally developed and include Tara Anand teaching you every step of the way. Tara also operates the online program - she will be critiquing your assignments and helping you through the program.

You can watch the videos as many times as you like.

Gain access to your workbook and download your assignments. Complete your assignments and upload to be personally marked by Tara Anand and receive constructive feedback.

At the end of each module, you will take an online final exam.

Learn As You Go at Your Pace

The online platform is created so that you can work at your own pace. Take the program part time and complete it on your own time. We give you a year to complete the program. Some students complete as quickly as 2 months but you have the option of taking the full 12 months from start to completion.

Accredited Makeup School

Artists Within Makeup Academy is an accredited school. Our online academy programs are based on our in academy diploma programs giving you the peace of mind that your training is thorough with all you need to know. You receive your recognized Makeup Certification when you complete your chosen online course. 


When you finish our online program, you are given exclusive access to our Instagram network and Facebook group to be involved in our online community and part of a support network of other professional makeup artists. Often, students are able to find connections and contacts for future work. We also add you to our alumni Facebook group where we post job opportunities that come our way.

Our Team

Along with Tara Anand, our team includes 13+ professional makeup artists that specialize in hair, fashion, special effects, and makeup in various different industries.

Our Makeup Kits

We provide makeup kits that we have designed specifically for the online makeup course. These kits are a part of our makeup line (AW03) that has been developed in LA and New York by Tara Anand to give you top-of-the-line makeup tools to master your makeup skills.


Master Makeup Program or Makeup 101 Program

Our Basic Makeup Artistry program the  'Makeup 101’ course gives you a taste of what being a professional makeup artist is all about in a step by step easy to follow format. This is ideal for someone wanting to learn the basics and work in areas such as cosmetic retailing, bridal work or makeovers.

The Master Makeup Program is far more intense than the Makeup 101. The Master covers all the Makeup 101 does and so much more.  If you are wanting to enter the fashion industry and work in areas such as photoshoots, television, music videos, runway shows this is the course for you, it covers all aspects of the industry.

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