About Our Online Makeup Courses

Owner and director of Artists Within Tara Anand takes her 27 years of experience in the industry and shows you how to achieve the amazing success she has had. Her career has covered working in London, Paris and Spain on high fashion magazine shoots, to runway shows and working on many celebrities and personalities.

Tara appears in all the online videos showing you step by step how to achieve perfect results every time. You can watch the video as many times as you need to following along to perfect your technique. In addition to the video lessons, using your online code you will be able to log in to your own workbook and assignments, which you can download and send in for marking when asked to. You have one full year to complete either program which allows you to work at your own pace and fit your chosen program into your lifestyle. Take the full year or blaze thorough the program. 

We offer two online programs depending on your needs

Makeup 101

Our Basic Makeup Artistry program the  'Makeup 101’ course gives you a taste of what being a professional makeup artist is all about in a step by step easy to follow format. This is ideal for someone wanting to learn the basics and work in areas such as cosmetic retailing, bridal work or makeovers. 

 Makeup 101 Program details

Master Makeup

The Master Makeup Program is far more intense than the Makeup 101. The Master covers all the Makeup 101 does and so much more.  If you are wanting to enter the fashion industry and work in areas such as photoshoots, television, music videos, runway shows this is the course for you, it covers all aspects of the industry. 

Master Makeup Program details 

How Our Courses Work

Both our programs are truly on-line where you signup, receive your personal student code via email and start immediately. No waiting for booklets or DVD's to be shipped, just sign up and get started. Once you log on you will have access to your modules, your online workbook, instructional videos, assignments, printable assignment templates and business forms, printable application guides and tools. As you work through the modules, all additional information, quizzes and exams will be emailed to you as you require them.

You start on page one of your workbook which will guide you step by step, logging into the assignments or video when asked. You have lots of hands on and time to practice and to perfect each technique before emailing each assignment to us for marking. Tara will personally go through your results working with you to become the best you can be.

We have had hundreds of students sign up with us over the years and with the help of our expertise have gone on to some amazing careers. The best part of online schooling is you work at your pace as your lifestyle dictates. We are also only a phone call or email away if you need any additional support along the way.

Artists Within Online Academy is based on our highly successful in academy diploma programs. We have figured out a fool-proof formula to teach you the latest and greatest techniques in the industry. Our program is detailed, well thought out and tried and tested many times over.

Step by Step

  • EVERYTHING is online. No waiting for materials and books to be shipped to you, get started as soon as you sign up!

  • You are sent your own personal code when signing up for either makeup artistry course and use this every time you login.

  • You start by logging in to the introductory which walks you through how to work through the modules, how to send assignments in and how to contact us if need be.

  • You are then ready to start module #1!

  • Start each module at the beginning. It will take you in an easy to follow format, through each topic.

  1. You read

  2. You watch the online videos and practice the techniques shown

  3. You download the online theory assignments and fill in

Easy as 1, 2 ,3

  • When asked, you upload your picture or assignment for marking. Tara will personally mark each assignment giving you helpful productive corrections to push you to be the best you can be!

  • You work through each module one assignment at a time taking a quiz at the end of each to ensure you are understanding everything

  • At the end of the four modules you sit your final exam online

  • After completion of your course you will receive your Professional Makeup Artistry Certification for either the Makeup 101 Program or the Master Makeup Program. An Artists Within certification is recognized worldwide in 36 countries

Note: You have one full year to complete the course. If the course is not completed within the year, there will be a charge to activate beyond this at the cost of $149 per additional month.

We look forward to taking this exiting journey with you!

Get started today on your path to becoming a professional makeup artist!