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Once you make payment, please allow up to 24 hours for your profile to be created and logged on. You will receive an email as soon as it is ready with start up instructions.

Step 1: Select Your Program

Master Makeup Program - Full Payment

Full Payment of $1,485 CAD (Save $500.65)
Best Value and Fastest Option. Take the full course at your own pace.

Full access to the complete Master Makeup Program as you are ready. The most cost effecting option and our recommended option enabling you to go through each module and assignment at your own pace. Once you've completed and submitted your assignments to the first module you'll receive access to the next module and so on. No waiting for your next payment to go through before you receive access!

Total Payment: $1,485.00

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Master Makeup Program - 4 Equal Payments

4 Monthly Payments of $471.25 CAD (Save $100.65)

This option is a monthly payment option, which is $471.25/month. The payments are charged each month for 4 consecutive months. This means that you'll receive access to a new module every month as long as the previous module has been completed

Total Payment: $1,885.00 (4 Payments of $471.25)

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Master Makeup Program - 12 Payments

First Payment of $496.25 & 11 Monthly Payments of $135.40 CAD

This is the "12 Monthly Payments for 1 Year" option. You first payment is $496.25 with your next 11 payments being $135.40. Your credit card will be charged $135.40 monthly for 11 months. You will receive access to Module #1 today and then in three months provided your first module has been completed and payments made your next module will be activated and so on. 

Total Payment: $1,985.65 (1 Activation Fee of $496.25 + 11 Payments of $135.40)

Step 2: Add Your Makeup Kit

Each of our AW03 Maquillage makeup kits are custom-built for our programs. AW03 is our very own makeup line designed for everything from everyday makeup to photographic or television work. Our makeup products blend perfectly, give the intensity you desire, help you work through our programs, and take your work to a strong professional level.

When you complete the program, you will receive a 40% off code to use whenever you need to restock your makeup kit online with AW03 Maquillage.

AW03 'Pro' Makeup Kit

The Pro Makeup Kit gives you our complete Professional Makeup Kit that includes everything you’ll need to be a successful, professional makeup artist.

Please allow 5-10 days for delivery of the makeup kit.

Total: $1,285.00

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AW03 'Starter' Makeup Kit

The Starter Makeup Kit gives you enough to complete the course online. We would suggest adding to these basics over time so that you have a strong, well-rounded kit to begin your career as a professional makeup artist.

Please allow 5-10 days for delivery of the makeup kit.

Total: $795.00

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