The academy maintains high standards of training with class size limited to 14 student to provide ample attention for each student's needs. The one-on-one type focus takes away the frustration many students can feel as they struggle to grasp new techniques. Our trainers' mission is to work with each student on an individual basis, observing each student's potential and working to reach it in a positive, reassuring manner. 


Each of our trainers work not only in the academy but also in the industry. This ensures that you are not learning from a text book but from real hands on experience which is so incredibly valuable. All trainers are trained to teach using the same format and have been trained personally by the Director, Tara Anand so whoever your trainer is you can rest assured that they not only have real experience in the industry but are all on the same page as far as our teaching technique goes. There are many ways to learn and we have found a fool proof system that is constantly updated that has worked for hundreds of students over the years. We help you understand the theory of what you are doing, show you the practical and then make you practice each technique until you see it in your sleep! Makeup is hands on so we believe it is valuable to have as much hands on time as possible. 


Each makeup kit contains all that the students need during the course, they are not expected to purchase additional product while in school when taking any of our Diploma programs. There are certain staples such as cotton wool, kleenex, eye makeup remover etc that are items the students should always keep an eye on and replenish when running low. 

Students receive a discount card and online code, which allows them 40% off any item from our makeup store. This is a discount students may use during and upon completion of the course. The online code can be used at our online store found under the products tab. The academy hours are 9-5, Monday to Friday if students would rather utilize their discount in store. 


As a makeup artist you are self-employed, and need to manage your business accordingly to produce results. We teach you how to market yourself, with many of the course projects being designed to assist with this process. To go out into the real world and be successful relies not only on your new found skills but also demands etiquette, a good head on your shoulders and savvy business morals.

We cover the business skills needed and discuss the roles of professionalism in this line of work, so that when you leave you are not only an amazing makeup artist, hair designer or fashion stylist but also know how to stay at the top of your game in all areas of the industry.

Post Graduation

Artists Within offers continual support for all our graduates. We will be happy to provide information and advice when needed. We receive calls on a regular basis from cosmetic counters, for photo shoots and runway shows requiring artists, which we post on our Facebook Alumni page which we invite all graduates to join. We also ask that students graduating let us know their areas of interest which we keep on file so we are able to refer artists if a particular posting suits a particular students needs.

We are proud to say that our job placement rate and graduation rate has always sat in the 90th percentile. This is something we are required by the school board to keep track of which after 15 years of business are quite impressive results even if we say so ourselves!

We are confident that upon completion of your chosen course with hard work and determination you will be able to forge into any career in this industry and be successful as we have seen hundreds of graduates over the years do!

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